Peer-Reviewed Papers

“Health Justice and Rawls’s Theory at 50: Will New Thinking about Health and Inequality Influence the Most Influential Account of Justice?,” The Hastings Center Report 51/6 (2021): 44-50. (link | PDF)

International Assistance after Conflict: Health, Transitional Justice and Opportunity Costs,” (with Geoffrey Swenson) Third World Quarterly 42/8 (2021): 1696-1714 (link | PDF)

“Libertarian Paternalism and the Problem of Preference Architecture,” British Journal of Political Science (online first) (link | PDF)

“Health, Migration and Human Rights,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (online first) (link | PDF)

“Tobacco and the Harms of Trade,” The Journal of Political Philosophy 28/3 (2020) (link | PDF)

“Justice in the Social Distribution of Health,” Social Theory and Practice 45/3 (2019) (link)

“Bentham on Animal Welfare,” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 27/3 (2019) (linkPDF)

“Must We Protect Foreign Investors?” Moral Philosophy and Politics 5/2 (2018) (link PDF)

“A Social Division of Responsibility for Health,” Les ateliers de l’éthique/ The Ethics Forum 13/3 (2018) (linkPDF)

“Obesity, Paternalism and Fairness,” Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (2015): 889-892. (link | PDF)

Working Papers

“Harm in International Trade”

“Global Justice Integrationism”

“Covid-19 and Personal Responsibility”

“Tobacco Control and the Limits of Means Paternalism”

(Feel free to email me for a copy of any of these drafts)

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