Peer-Reviewed Papers

“Libertarian Paternalism and the Problem of Preference Architecture,” British Journal of Political Science (forthcoming).

“Health, Migration and Human Rights,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (online first) (link | PDF)

“Tobacco and the Harms of Trade,” The Journal of Political Philosophy 28/3 (2020) (link | PDF)

“Justice in the Social Distribution of Health,” Social Theory and Practice 45/3 (2019) (link)

“Bentham on Animal Welfare,” British Journal for the History of Philosophy 27/3 (2019) (linkPDF)

“Must We Protect Foreign Investors?” Moral Philosophy and Politics 5/2 (2018) (link PDF)

“A Social Division of Responsibility for Health,” Les ateliers de l’éthique/ The Ethics Forum 13/3 (2018) (linkPDF)

“Obesity, Paternalism and Fairness,” Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (2015): 889-892. (link | PDF)

Working Papers

“Harm in International Trade”

“Post-Conflict Justice” (with Geoffrey Swenson)

(Feel free to email me for a copy of any of these drafts)